Meet first-year Board member R…

Meet first-year Board member Robert Simmons with the Topeka Police Department, who is a Lieutenant in the Criminal Investigations Bureau overseeing Property Crimes, Financial Crimes, the Narcotics Unit and the Task Force Officers working with Federal Partners. Lt. Simmons says working in law enforcement you might think his biggest fears would be with his job, but actually his biggest fear relates to his family and their health and wellbeing. He likes that the Ronald McDonald House helps and supports families in need who are living his worst nightmare, so to be even just the smallest part of something like this is extremely rewarding. Lt. Simmons says what he likes most about our organization is knowing that every dollar he helps raise will be put to great use, helping keep families close to their children receiving medical attention during such a difficult time in their lives. He says it means a lot knowing all our efforts are helping people. Thank you, Robert, for your Board service and all you do for our families!