Meet Leslie Arnold, who has be…

Meet Leslie Arnold, who has been a member of our Board of Directors for three years. In 2018, she serves as Board Secretary and Denim to Diamonds Planning Committee Chairperson. Leslie is a Certified Nurse Midwife at Lincoln Center OB/GYN and has brought many, many children into this world during her nine years as such. She was invited to apply for our Board a few years ago after family members of a hospitalized new mom needed a place to stay, which prompted her to reach out to us for the first time. Even after working at the Birthplace for years, Leslie realized she really didn’t know much about the Ronald McDonald House other than it was a place for families to stay while their babies were in the NICU. Once she had a better understanding of all RMHC offers, Leslie chose to join the Board to make a positive difference for the many families we serve. When asked what she likes most about her Board service, Leslie said, “It’s fun and rewarding, as well as challenging in a much different way than my job. I love meeting new people from all backgrounds and serving on the Board has allowed me this opportunity.” She says she enjoys the challenge of getting donations and the excitement of seeing our hard work pay off when families say how much the Ronald McDonald House means to them at such a challenging time in their lives. We are very fortunate having the Lincoln Center as a longtime supporter of our organization, and having Leslie as a high-energy, very engaged Board member!